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Our products have a great reputation in the blow molding machine and our products are warmly welcomed by our new and old customers. Not only our sales in our domestic land, our products are also exported to overseas such as America area, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela. Ecuador. Countries in Europe such as: UK, Turkey, Germany,Russia and the Middle East, Such as: Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Sudan, Nigeria, India and other countries of Asia, such as: India and more.
The primary characteristics of our ABL series of automatic blow moulding machines are their versatility and technical prowess. Among their advantages, there are a wide production range, being able to produce a variety of hollow products, and advisable for many uses. They are also fast and reliable as well as suitable for processing materials auch as PE, PP, PVC, PA, PC, ABS, PS, EVA, TPU and PETG.

5ml-30L Blow Moulding Machine

Apollo 5ML~30L blow molding machines are hot-sale and core series, We exported more than 80 sets every year in this range blow moulding machine

30L-5000L Blow Moulding Machine

APOLLO blow moulding maximum can reach 5000L and 3m x 3m mould, there are only a few suppliers in China can make so big volume with stable quality. APOLLO is your right choice

PC 5 Gallon Barrel Blow Moulding Machine

Specially designed blow moulding machine for 5 Gallon bottle, APOLLO PC blow moulding machine has exported more than 30 countries, Quality is stable, price is good……